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KTS raised floor systems are designed to meet the functional requirement of intelligent office building, servers rooms, computer rooms, clean rooms and all forms of research and telecommunication centers. Through continuous research and development KTS has successfully developed both anti-static & conductive high quality cementative compound infilled steel panel.
To meet the requirements of this intelligent office and places, KTS raised floors systems shold be rigid with a high endurance level, sharp in shape and easy to handle, save in every respects with and added advantage of comfort that you can feel.
KTS raised floors systems that have long been developed to ensure the above conditions, easy installation and relocation. These are designed for integrated efficiency in any environment, ensuring specious dimension flexibility in room layout. Needless KTS raised floors systems are of superior quality with a very competitive price.
KTS cementitive compound infilled panels are modular access floor panel using medrn equipment manufacturing process & imported material from USA. They provide a flexible & economically viable solution to space planners in any advanced office environment.
Why choosing KTS Access Floor System?
Easy Installation & Handling
Excellent Rolling Load Performance
Fire Safely-Completely non-combustible, Class A fire rating and zero propagation.
Variety of top surface finishes
Superior ultimate Load Performance
Grommets for cable cut-outs
Precise dimensions for complete inter-changeability
A long-term guarantee against defects
Highly engineered with precision, accuracy and load bearing strength